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An Infographic of the Working World

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All around the world, people either have worked, had worked, or eventually will work.

An infographic by E2sday briefly shows the economic conditions that affect workers around the world, from Japan to Brazil.

It shows the countries’: populations, inflation rates, per capita incomes, individual tax rates, transforming working-age population, work hours per week, paid-vacation days, and retirement ages.

And concludes with countries that have the most significant work cultures, such as workaholics, vacationers, retirees, and the most taxed.


Highest populated country is China with 1.34 billion people; with India coming in second, but with the highest inflation rate of 8.6%.

The US has the highest per capita income of US$47,920; and the highest number of average weekly-work hours of 35 hours, with Japan coming in second for 34 hours but with the oldest retirement age of 70.

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