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Using Your Body As A Mold, Designer Creates Custom-Fit Chairs

Combining the techniques of mass production and hand-driven crafts, Dutch designer Martijn Rigters creates made-to-measure foam seats using a unique flexible molding technique.

Called ‘Foam Party’, Rigters work uses a hand-cranked machine, two-part polyurethane foam, and human molds, to construct the chairs.

“Everyone has a different physique. I measured and documented the dimensions to create a database of the diversity of the molds—or people—I used, as if they were tools,” he told Fast Co. Design.

“After mixing [the two parts of the foam], a chemical reaction takes place, causing the material to expand 15 times; this enables me to use only a small amount of foam to create a full piece of furniture.”

The resulting foam chairs are molded based on body shape of the people that were used as ‘molds’, and fit their bums well.

[via NOTCOT]
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