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Keyboard Attachment Turns iPad Into Laptop

A few weeks ago, we featured an iPad case from Japan than tranforms the iPad into a laptop.

Today, we discovered Brydge, a combination keyboard and case that converts the iPad into a laptop, making it look like the Macbook Air.

Developed by Los Angeles-based designer Brad Leong and engineers Sam and Eddy, Brydge incorporates a quick release, patent-pending hinge to attach itself to the tablet.

Their product, made from machined aluminium, has received rave reviews just after a week, with TIME stating that "Brydge stands out for its Apple aesthetics."

Their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds has also surpassed their target, raising over US$310,000, way above their aim of US$90,000.

Brydge is expected to be shipped from October and will retail at US$170 a piece.

[via TIME]
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