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A Bra That Lets You Stuff More Than Just Tissues

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Two University of Washington students, Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow, have patented the 'Joeybra' in their home state of Seattle.

The Joeybra is equipped with slim under-arm pouches on each side, that allows women to keep their hands free and their busts perky simultaneously during a night out in town!

According to the creators, the bra is able to store cash, credit cards and even an iPhone—allowing users to store their valuables on their person.

The idea for the Joeybra was inspired after the creators began noticing many of their peers had lost or broken their mobile after a night out.

Its Kickstarter page has currently received USD$5,439 in funding, surpassing its goal of USD$4,000 with 18 more days remaining.


The bra is retailing at US$19.99 and can be worn as a normal, strapless or convertible bra.

[via Buzzfeed]
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