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Philippe Starck Creates Spray That Instantly Makes You Drunk

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You can now get drunk for a few seconds at a time.

As part of their niche market referred to as ‘aerosol cuisine’, French designer Philippe Starck has joined forces with French-American scientist David Edwards to develop a small spray that gets you feeling drunk for a few seconds with no aftereffects.

Called ‘WA|HH Quantum Sensations’, the alcohol aerosol spray looks like a lipstick and dispenses 0.075 ml of alcohol each time—a minimum quantity for the alcohol microparticles to stimulate the brain.

A drink contains 40 to 60 ml of alcohol—which means that it would take over 530 to 800 sprays for the effects of a drink.

The WA|HH device contains only 2 ml of water, alcohol and flavorings altogether; but is able to spray up to 21 times.

According to the Daily Mail, the product allows people to enjoy the intoxicating pleasure of alcohol without the negative consequences. Once the effect wears off, users would be able to pass a breathalyzer test—and won’t have a hangover.


“Everyone has an occasional need of light-headedness, distraction, and another place… But our societies and codes of amusement have led to the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages as a kind of social placebo. The consequences are too familiar,” Starck told Digital Journal. “With David Edwards, we asked ourselves whether we might provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol without running the risk of drunkenness. And WA|HH was born. Accent life with a magic wand, that was our desire. A spray of WA|HH and the shock is immediate, like a sensorial alarm.”

Harvard university professor David Edwards previously created the breathable food, ‘Le Whaf’, and is currently creating edible food and drink containers, ‘WikiCells’.

WA|HH is available for pre-order at US$26.

Is this the future of food?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Daily Mail]
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