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‘STOP’ Signs Get Hijacked To Say Lighthearted Messages

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Like lost signs, ‘STOP’ signs require attention—however, the traffic sign aggressively dictates demands everyday.

Instead of making people feel vexed by the sign’s hostility, online website Changing Lines has creatively tweaked the signs become lighthearted and humorous.

In the ‘STOP Project’, STOP signs across California were hijacked and added with a few words in various typefaces—changing the signs to say short messages like, “STOP in the name of love”, “Do not STOP”, “STOP looking back”, “Next STOP, rehab”, “Don’t STOP till you get enough”, and “Don’t STOP the music”.

“I love typography and I always loved to combine different styles of typefaces. In my new project I have tried to communicate some ironic and critical messages by combining several cool typefaces,” Changing Lines wrote.

“STOP signs were chosen in strategic locations in order to create an immediate relationship between the messages, the locations and the experiences of the moment. They force people to stop and read the messages, causing a reaction that requires them to question their acquired habits and behaviors.”


[via Design You Trust]
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