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Design Student Creates A DIY Gramophone Made Out Of Paper

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Design student Jón Hólmgeirsson from the Iceland Academy of the Arts has designed a ‘fold-it-yourself’ gramophone—which uses a paper cup and paper horn to amplify sound.

Called the ‘Jónófón’—which is named after him—the paper gramophone consists of a plywood base and thick paper as the horn.

The device can be powered either by a nine volt battery or power source.

It takes less than half an hour to assemble and when played, it produces a very raw sound—something missing from modern gramophones.


According to Jón, he said that the Jónófón simplifies the modern music player—and adds that the texture of the paper would add ‘color’ or character to the sound.

He has yet to announce a release date for his nifty, paper contraption.

[via Wired]
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