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IKEA’s Cardboard Camera Won’t Be Available For Sale

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Unfortunately for those in anticipation, IKEA’s digital camera made out of cardboard won’t be sold to the public.

Called the ‘KNÄPPA’, the 2.3 megapixels camera that runs on two AAA batteries, and held together by small plastic bolts and nuts, was just given out as a promotional item—to people who attended the VIP sneak preview of IKEA’s new line of design furniture, the IKEA PS line in Malmö, Sweden.

According to Hisham Ramish for PetaPixel, the camera only has two buttons—one to turn the device on/off and take pictures, and a smaller one which deletes the pictures.

There is also a USB connector on the side of the camera that you can use to attach to your computer.

In terms of picture quality, do not expect DSLR or digital camera quality pictures.

The device has a reasonably slow shutter speed and requires a steady hand when taking pictures.

And don’t expect any zoom or macro function either.

Despite the camera’s basic functions, shutterbugs might be mourning for the inability to land their hands on one of these gems.

Who else thinks this camera should be up for sale?


Watch the video below to see how the camera works:

[via PetaPixel]
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