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13-Year-Old Girl Develops Cure For Hiccups

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No longer will we have to drink large quantities of water, or hold our breaths for a minute, to relieve ourselves of hiccups.

A 13-year-old girl from Manchester, Connecticut—Mallory Kievman—may have found a cure in getting rid of hiccups!

Called ‘Hiccupops’, they are made with apple cider vinegar and sugar—which according to her will ‘over-stimulate’ the hiccup causing nerves in our throat and mouth, and making the hiccups stop!


Her patented Hiccupops have won prizes for innovation and patentability.

She will soon be leading a team of graduates from the University of Connecticut to launch Hiccupops worldwide.

Say goodbye to hiccups during your next presentation—as long as your audience doesn’t mind you sucking on a Hiccupop!

[via ‘Hiccupops’]
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