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For Texting While Walking, Pedestrians Get Fined

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Texting while walking has become a dangerous problem, as pedestrians who get distracted by their phones end up injuring themselves.

Just across the Hudson River from New York City, in Fort Lee, New Jersey, police officers are fining pedestrians for texting while jaywalking.

It was after a short warning period since March that Police Chief Tom Ripoli started fining jaywalkers of US$85 each time they got caught.

Thus far, according to, 117 tickets have been issued.

“They’re not in the crosswalks. They’re walking against the red light, and they’re being struck by vehicles,” Ripoli said. “We had three fatalities this year, and 23 people hurt, hit, [in] a three-month period.”


According to a study by Ohio State University, more than 1,000 people had injuries from texting or talking on the phone while walking in 2008 and had to visit emergency rooms. This number is increasing.

ABC News also said that researchers of Stony Brook University, New York, found that those who walk while texting are 60% more likely to veer off line.

Do we need to pass a texting-while-walking test to be legal pedestrians now?

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[via ABC News]
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