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A Camera Tripod Made Of String You Can Create Yourself

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How you ever left your trusty tripod at home?

Good news photographers, with some string and a pencil, you can create your own tripod to help you reduce camera shake and take sharper photos.

As part of a fantastic list of photography tricks from Photojojo, the ‘Stringpod’ is extremely easy—not to mention cheap—to make.

First, cut a piece of string that runs as long as from your head to your toes.

Then, tie one end to a pencil, and the other end around your camera lens—as close to the camera body as possible.


By simply standing on the pencil or pen with both your feet, and gently pulling the string taut, it will reduce camera shake drastically—allowing you to take sharper pictures in a bind.

If you don’t have a pencil—simply tie a loop and wrap it around your foot for the same effect.

Guess you you can start leaving your tripod at home more often.

[via Photojojo]
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