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The World’s Slowest Ferrari

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If you are on the outs with the need for speed, but in on the need for style, this car is for you.

Instead of packing the car with a 700-horsepower (HP) engine, as a joke, sports team MT RACING packed a car with human-pedalling power.

Called the ‘Fahrradi Farfalla FFX’, the car is the slowest Ferrari in the world.

Its name is a combination of the German word “Fahrrad” which means bicycle—which is what the car imitates—“i” which is borrowed from the Apple society; and “Farfalla” that translates to ‘butterfly’ in Italian which refers to the mechanism of the doors.

The ‘supercar’ is an attempt at mimicking ‘muscle’ cars.

Its body is based on research of what it could look like, and made from aluminium frame—for easier pedalling—and its engine is made from human-engine sounds.

The Fahrradi also has ‘butterfly’ wing doors—according to the company, this makes it possible for the car to “lift slightly off the ground at all times, which results in better ventilation throughout the interior”.

It can also be driven at any time, thanks to a lighting system made of 200 LEDs.

We’re not sure if anyone would really want to buy this car—would you?


[via Fahrradi Farfalla FFX]
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