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Reinvented Clothes Hanger Won’t Ruin Your Clothes

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How many T-shirts or crewneck sweaters collars have you stretched or deformed by hanging or taking them off from a clothes hanger?

Traditional clothes hangers are made from rigid materials and are more suited for jackets and buttoned shirts.

Mehdi Mojtabavi—an industrial designer from Portland-based design consultancy Ziba—has developed a hanger that might stop us from unnecessarily stretching our clothes.

Called the ‘Eslimi Hanger’, it has a flexible crosspiece that collapses when it is squeezed—which allows it to slip through the neck hole.

When released, it pops back into shape and supports the garments.


Currently, Ziba is looking for manufacturing partners or licensees. The company estimates that the Eslimi Hanger will not cost more than any other hanger one might find in a houseware store.

Time to say good-bye to stretched clothing!

Watch the video below to see the hanger at work:

[via Fast Co.Design]
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