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Infographic: Instagram Is Worth More Than The New York Times

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In an infographic ‘Instagram vs The New York Times: What’s a company worth, anyways?’, created by Visually, it reveals how some major iconic companies and brands are valued less in the eyes of investors—as compared to hot new startups.

When Facebook acquired Instagram for US$1 billion on April 9 2012, American newspaper company, The New York Times, had a market capitalization of a little over US$946 million.

It was discovered that Instagram was only 2-years old with only 12 employees (with zero revenue) and was valued higher than a globally known newspaper company.


It was also reported that newer startups such as Twitter, Groupon and Zynga—that were established in 2000s—were worth more than older, recognized brands in the market like Logitech, Eastman Kodak and Washington Post.

What exactly attracts investors to these hot new startups?

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[via Visually]
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