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PANTONE Beachwear, Add Some Color To Your Summer

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Hey designers, why not soak up some sun while wearing your favorite PANTONE colors this summer?

Clothing manufacturers Fashion Factory has taken everyone’s favorite PANTONE colors and created an entire collection of PANTONE beachwear.

Called the ‘PANTONE Universe Beachwear’, they are available in five different styles in 25 color combinations for both men and women.

They include popular color trends this summer such as Sulphur Spring 13-0650, Tangerine Tango 17-1463, Passion Flower 18-3737 and Hawaiian Ocean 17-4540.

The entire collection of beachwear is currently available in a PANTONE beachwear shop in Saint Tropez.

So designers, will you be wearing your favorite PANTONE colors this summer?


[via PANTONE Universe Beachwear, Images via PANTONE Universe Beachwear Facebook]
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