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Infographic: The Risk Of Free Wi-Fi

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Most of us stay connected on the go by connecting to free public Wi-Fi networks.

But did you know that you are putting yourself at huge risk by connecting to these unsecure networks?

In an infographic by Column Five Media, it explains how Wi-Fi hacks can occur and the measures we can take to avoid them.

The infographic reports that the number of public Wi-Fi spots is estimated to increase by 350% over the next four years—which increases the chances of Wi-Fi hacks from occurring.

It was also discovered that hackers can steal your personal data or access your private accounts if you are connected to an unsecure network.


In order to keep yourself safe, the infographic recommends that you confirm the exact network name you wish to access and to turn off automatic Wi-Fi connecting when on the move.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via Column Five Media]
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