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The World’s First Airline Social Seating System

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In a bid to make your travelling experience more enjoyable, Latvian airline airBaltic has launched the world’s first airline social seating system called ‘SeatBuddy’, that pairs you up with like-minded passengers during your flight.

This free service, which is powered by social seating system Satisfly, will ask you for your ‘flight mood’ before each flight—allowing users to determine if they want to meet a potential business partner, work throughout the flight, have a casual chat or to be left alone.

Once your flight mood has been determined, the system will pair you up with someone who is in the same mood as you are.

You can even choose to describe your ideal partner—such as working in the same industry, speaking the same language, having the same hobbies, etc.


According to airBaltic, they said that customer information will be kept confidential and passengers will only get to meet their seat buddy on-board the flight—so there is a surprise factor to it.

However, once the system has chosen your seat buddy, you can’t change seats—that would just be plain rude.

The SeatBuddy option will only be tested on flights at the end of June 2012.

[via airBaltic]
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