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From A Bottle Of Wine, Researchers Grow A Dress

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Researchers of the FNAS laboratories, University of Western Australia, have developed a way of making seamless clothing using wine, and its fermentation process.

The material, called “Micro’be’”, requires living microbes (Acetobacter bacteria, which turns wine into vinegar) to ferment the garment.

At early stages of development, the material would smell like red wine and feel like sludge when wet, but fits on to bodies like a second skin.

“It is very delicate, comprising micro-fibrils of cellulose,” according to its creators in a statement.


“The bacteria that caused the spoilage were a colony of Acetobacter, transforming wine into vinegar. The by-product of this activity is the formation of cellulose, a slimy, rubbery, skin-like substance.”

Micro’be’ was created as a way to explore possible forms and cultural implications of futuristic dress-making and textile technologies.

[via Bioalloy]
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