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Mind-Bending LEGO ‘Star Wars’, Inspired By M C Escher’s ‘Relativity’

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Topping the LEGO Star Wars Organ, LEGO enthusiast Paul Vermeesch has created a 1x1x1-foot LEGO model of M C Escher’s Relativity (1953), re-enacted with Star Wars scenes.

In his mind-bending ‘Star Wars Relativity’ model, Vermeesch highlights specific scenes, such as the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader that led Luke to lose his hand, and Obi-Wan running through a hallway of stormtroopers.

“Six months in the making, I present my largest creation to date,” Vermeesch wrote. “This diorama is fully-lit from the inside, presents the original Star Wars trilogy in a roughly counter-clockwise format, and even features a minifig-scale theatre in the back which plays LEGO’s CG version of the Star Wars saga.”

For the tiny theatre at the back of the diorama, Vermeesch used a second-generation iPod touch to loop ten minutes of the LEGO Star Wars videogame cut-scenes into a little show.

“I attempted to stay as true as possible to the geometry and proportions of Escher’s work, while bringing in the colors, worlds, and characters of Star Wars, and the freshness of the LEGO medium.”

“This diorama has many details and scenes not completely visible in the finished picture,” he wrote.


[via Paul Vermeesch]
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