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Vending Machine Dispenses Beer When Tackled

Located in the north of Argentina, is Salta Province, where most residents prefer rugby to soccer.

In order to promote Argentinean beer brand Cerveza Salta to the locals, advertising agency Ogilvy created the ‘Rugbeer’—an interactive vending machine that requires customers to tackle it to receive their beer.

The machine is programmed to dispense a can of beer if enough force is generated from a tackle—as indicated on a ‘pussy meter’.

It even has dewy grass surrounding the vending machine to simulate an actual rugby field.

The Rugbeer vending machine was such a big ‘hit’ that it toured the region—selling 25% more beer.

The concept behind the Rugbeer vending machine is similar to Coca Cola’s ‘Hug Machine’.

[via Cerveza Salta]
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