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Coca Cola Security Cameras Capture Random Acts Of Kindness And Love

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Security cameras may be used to deter the bad guys from committing crimes, but occasionally they do capture acts of kindness by everyday heroes.

In a new ad by Coca Cola Latin American and production company Landia, they encourage us to look at the world differently by using security cameras to capture people performing random acts of kindness—some even putting their own lives in danger.

‘Honest Pickpocketing’ (returning a dropped wallet), ‘Potato Chip Dealers’ (giving potato chips to a homeless man) and ‘Unexpected Firemen’ (Helping a stranger put out a fire) are some of the acts being displayed in the video.

These acts of kindness may take place unnoticed by many—but at least now, we get to recognize and appreciate the people who perform them.

Click to watch the video below:


[via Fast Co.Create]
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