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Sleep Mask Helps You Control Your Dreams

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Brooklyn-based Bitbanger Labs has created a unique sleep mask that helps trigger lucid dreaming so you can control your dreams.

Called ‘Remee’ (REM Enhancing Eye Mask), when users put on the eye mask before they go to bed, the mask will until you’re at the peak of REM sleep (usually 4-5 hours) before flashing customizable LED light patterns for 15-20 seconds every at 15 minutes.

The light patterns won’t be bright enough to wake the user up, but will appear visually in your dreams—to help you recognize that you are dreaming and trigger lucidity.

Remee has a microcontroller and it can be configured to its users preference using a computer.

It is available at US$95 from its website.


[via Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask]
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