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A Japanese Robot That Can Make 2,500 'Inari' Sushi In An Hour

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Japanese food machine manufacturer Suzumo has developed their latest sushi-producing machine called the ‘Inari-sushi Robot’ that is capable of producing 2,500 pieces an hour.

The robot uses the company’s patent-pending ‘double air-nozzle system’ that puffs the fried tofu skin with air before stuffing it with rice.

The only thing a user has to do is arrange the tofu skin on the turntable and place the rice into the machine.

The Inari-sushi Robot has six speed settings, capable of making 1,200 to 2,500 pieces an hour.

It also has exchangeable parts that is used to make different kinds of Inari sushi with the same machine.


However, this sushi-churning robot does not come cheap—it cost approximately US$50,000 for one machine.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Suzumo]
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