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McDonald’s Reveals Fast-Food Advertising Secret In Burger Photo Shoot

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Have you ever wondered why the burger that you ordered at any fast food restaurant never looks like the ones in their advertisements?

McDonald’s Canada has finally revealed the advertising secret for fast-food joints in a behind-the-scenes burger photo shoot.

While a normal burger takes a few minutes to reach you in-store, the burger at the photo shoot takes hours to prepare by food stylists and photographers.

Each slice of onion, pickle and cheese has to be placed with surgical accuracy to ensure it looks as appetizing as possible—while sauces are applied strategically with a syringe.

The reason for this is to show the consumers all the ingredients in the burger.

Lastly, the burger goes through a retouching process to give it more ‘finesse’—wrinkles and crumbs on the bun are removed, sesame seeds are repositioned and colors are enhanced to make the burger more appealing.

Click to watch the video below:


[via McDonald’s Canada]
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