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Concept Design For 'Instagram Sunglasses', See The World In Filters

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Hey Instagram fans—how would you like to view your world in Instagram filters?

German designer Markus Gerke has unveiled an ingenious concept idea of integrating Instagram into a pair of sunglasses—allowing users to view their world in a desired filter.

Called ‘Instaglasses’ or ‘Insta’ for short, it has Instagram filters built into the lens of the glasses that can be changed with a press of a button.

It is also equipped with an in-built 5-megapixel camera with Wi-Fi capability—allowing users to take a picture and upload the image straight to the Instagram app.

Though it maybe a concept design, Instagram fans would definitely be eager for this pair of sunglasses to start production.

Raise your hands if you want a pair of Instaglasses!


[via Markus Gerke]
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