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Google Fights To Preserve 3,000+ 'Endangered' Languages

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Have you heard of the language Koro? What about Yazva or Sawknah?

These are just some of the 3,000+ different languages all over the world that are on the brink of ‘extinction’ by 2100—that’s 50% of the world’s language.

Thankfully, Google has stepped by launching the ‘Endangered Languages Project’, a website dedicated to preserving these ancient and rarely spoken tongues.

The website features an interactive map that features little dots placed in every country in the world—representing an ‘endangered’ language and their level of endangerment.

By clicking on a dot, users will be directed to a page that provides statistics and information of the selected language—users can even watch video samples of the language being spoken.

According to project managers Clara Rivera Rodriguez and Jason Rissman, they said that the documentation of these 3,000+ ‘endangered’ languages plays an important step in preserving the world’s cultural diversity.

What do you think of Google’s contributions in preserving these languages?


Click to watch some of the samples below:

[via Endangered Languages]
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