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If Fashion Brands ‘Updated’ Their Logos

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When Yves Saint Laurent changed its brand name to “Saint Laurent Paris”, it left many people stunned, especially since the iconic YSL logo would not be getting a makeover to reflect the new name.

However, that got the people at Fashionista thinking—what if other fashion brands followed YSL and gave their brand image a makeover.

Taking popular names such as Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, and even “Saint Laurent Paris”—they were given a ‘reboot’—creating hilariously absurd logos that Fashionista felt was a better representation of the brand.

What do you think of these ‘updated’ brands?

“As suggested by Henry Holland himself. That’s seriously the name of his hometown in Greater Manchester, UK. Say it with us: Ram’s Bottom. Hehehehehe.”

“In terms of Greco-Roman mythology, the fiery pits of the underworld (for burning imperfect Birkin bags, of course) seem a bit more fitting, no?”

“Karl Lagerfeld’s klever kitten already has two maids and a Twitter account–could her own label be next? Why not?”

“Jil Sander’s back, tell a friend!”


“An ode to one of Sarah Burton’s most loyal (and royal) clients: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.”

“Where would Givenchy be without Riccardo Tisci? Answer: We really don’t know… Nor do we wish to.”

“After all that Galliano hubbub, Dior definitely needs a change. This would also be a great incentive for Raf Simons to plan some otherworldly multimedia collaboration with children’s singer Raffi. Can we get a “Baby Beluga” up in here?”

“This one’s bound to send the counterfeiters on Canal Street into hysterics.”

“We do love you, Mary K, but we know we aren’t alone in this one!”

[via Fashionista]
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