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Photographer Captures Green Rooftops Of New York City

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In New York City where land is scarce, many of the city’s dwellers have turned their rooftops into backyards.

And these very spaces are the subject of aerial photographer Alex MacLean in his book titled ‘Up on the Roof’.

From well-pruned gardens of Fifth Avenue’s tallest buildings to rainbow-splattered covering in Queens to a rooftop basketball court in Manhattan, MacLean has captured them all, revealing hidden spaces few get to see.

“While flying over West Chelsea, I became aware of multi-use roof spaces that seemed to be everywhere. It was obvious that a recent shift in culture and in financial resources had led to the construction of these new outdoor spaces; it was as if the spirit of the High Line had spread,” he says.

Through MacLean’s work, one will surely get inspiration for the kind of green urban living that can be achieved in these times.


[via Alex MacLean]
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