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Musician Releases CD Album With DIY LEGO Case

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For musician, Steven Cowley, he has decided to release a new CD album titled ‘Intuition & Dreams’ in a cardboard sleeve—together with a bag of LEGO bricks and instructions on how to build a DIY LEGO CD case.

His concept behind it is simple and creative; He sees the cardboard sleeve as something tangible, whereas the LEGO bricks will make his release more engaging and personal to his listeners.

However, due to the scarcity of some of the LEGO bricks, the cases will only be available in limited quantities.

‘Intuition & Dreams’ is part of Cowley’s one-man Camp America project and it features 12 tracks of electro/indie-pop made from various audio sources such as cheap synthesizers and old record vinyls found on the streets.


[via Camp America]
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