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Heated Knife To Help You Spread Butter Evenly On Toast

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UK bakery, Warburtons, has recently announced a prototype butter knife that aims to fix a common ‘breakfast-time dilemma’ faced by many—spreading cold butter on toast.

Called the ‘Toastie Knife’, it uses two AA batteries to heat the blade of the knife to 41.8 degrees celsius—the perfect temperature for the blade to melt butter and evenly spread it on toast.

According to Warburtons, they said, “torn toasts, clumps of uneven butter and dry edges are just a few of the annoyances associated with trying to spread cold butter straight for the fridge on to toast in the morning, but this could be a thing of the past…”

Time to say goodbye to unevenly buttered toasts!

Click to watch the video below:


Regular butter knife

'Toastie Knife

'Toastie Knife

Click to view enlarged version

[via Warburtons]
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