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‘Nutritionally Balanced’ Pizzas, Eat To Your Heart’s Content

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Scottish nutritionist, Professor Mike Lean has collaborated with entrepreneur, Donnie Maclean, to create a ‘nutritionally balanced’ pizza that contains 30% of an adult’s daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

The company called ‘Eat Balanced’ creates pizzas that have seaweed infused into the dough—reducing the salt content in the pizza and adding important minerals such as iodine and vitamin B12 into one of the world’s most popular dishes.

Eat Balanced claims that their pizzas contain natural nutrients, such as fibre, vitamins and minerals—together with the right levels of fats, carbs and protein—which follows the UK Guideline Daily Amounts.

According to Maclean, he says, “The way the guidelines are set out, you have 20% of your nutrients and calories from your breakfast, 30% from your lunch, 30% from your dinner, and extra 20% for snacks.”

He also adds, "We focused on pizza being a lunch or a dinner option. Each pizza gives a complete meal, with all the nutrients in it, for 30% of your day."


They currently have three different flavors on their menu: ‘Cheese and cherry tomato’, ‘Juicy pineapple and ham’ and ‘Spicy chicken with red peppers and green jalapenos’—with more flavors to be added in the future.

According to BBC, they reported that the company will also be testing a recipe for a ‘nutritionally balanced’ curry and fish & chips.

[via Eat Balanced]
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