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Artist Creates Stunning Architecture Models Using Matchsticks

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Matchstick artist, Patrick Acton, is known in his home state of Iowa for creating amazing matchstick models of buildings, vehicles and other objects.

His collection of matchstick models includes accurate designs of Notre Dame Cathedral, Hogwarts from Harry Potter and Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings.

Some of his works take a few years to complete, using millions of matchsticks and gallons of glue to recreate these iconic landmarks.

According to his website, it says that he has developed different matchsticking techniques—which he incorporates into each of his models.

His latest project is to recreate the new World Trade Centre—which will be a 1:77 scaled model of the actual building.

The expected date of completion will be mid-summer 2013.

To view his entire collection of matchstick models, please visit his website, Matchstick Marvels.


[via Matchstick Marvels]
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