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Star Wars Fans Save Luke Skywalker’s Home

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A long time ago (of about 35 years) in a galaxy far, far away (actually just in Tunisia, Africa), Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home ‘The Lars Homestead’ was revealed on planet Tattooine in Star Wars.

But after the movie’s filming in 2002, The Lars was left unattended in the harsh Sahara Desert—and disintegrate into pretty bad shape.

Belgian Star Wars fan Mark Dermul and a team decided to restore the prop home, for the project ‘Save the Lars Homestead’.

After raising funds of about US$10,000, and spending more than a week in Africa—Dermul managed to restore Luke’s Skywalker’s home to its full movie look-alike glory.

A book and a video documentary will soon be published about the project for fans.

Check out how The Lars looked like before and after their project below:


[via Save The Lars Homestead]
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