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The Future Of Silkscreen: Print On Fabric Using Sunlight And An iPhone

Taking photography out of the darkroom, Jesse Genet of Lumi has created a way for everyone to produce photographic prints on textiles and natural materials.

Using the ‘Lumityper’ app, users can take a picture using their iPhone and convert it into a negative, then print the negative onto a transparent film.

With the company’s ‘Inkodye’—a water-based dilute-able, mixable dye that develops in the sunlight—users can apply it on a fabric, place the negative on the fabric, leave the fabric out in the sun, and watch the print appear.

Users would then have to wash the fabric with a special solution. Once fixed, the color becomes permanent and can go through repeated washes without fading.

Lumi is offering printing sets over on its Kickstarter.

[via Kickstarter]
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