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World’s First Internet Cat Video Film Festival Coming Soon

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We all love internet cats and cat videos, even if we think the interweb is over-saturated with them.

For those we can’t get enough of cat videos, Walker Arts Center will be hosting the world’s first Internet Cat Video Film Festival.


The festival will take place in a park ‘Open Field’ beside the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, United States, on 30 August 2012 from 8 to 9PM.

“It’s no secret that internet cat videos have been all the rage for some time now,” Walker Open Field’s unofficial Cat-lady-in-Residence Katie Czarniecki Hill wrote. “Traditionally, we send these viral gems to one another via email or share them through various social media outlets. Some viewers (yours truly included) spend precious free time obsessively occasionally trolling the interwebs for hilarious 30-second clips of feline tomfoolery. Either way, while enjoyed by a broad online audience of millions, cat videos are normally viewed alone. Until now.”

You can also nominate your favorite cat video here.

[via Walker Art]
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