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A Paintball Printer That Shoots Graffiti Artworks Onto Walls

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German design company, Sonice Development GmbH, has created a software-controlled robot that is able to shoot large-scale graffiti artworks onto walls using paintball pellets.

The robot called ‘Facadeprinter’ comprises of a ‘turn table with two axes and an air-pressure print head’, allowing it to adjust its sight and shoot paintballs at the targeted area.

It produces artwork by shooting at a distance, dot by dot on a chosen area —allowing it to ‘print’ artworks on uneven and hard to reach surfaces, without the need for costly scaffolding.

According to the company’s website, the Facadeprinter is able to shoot artworks from a maximum distance of 12 meters and it can produce artworks up to 8 meters in height.

The company has been travelling around Europe, demostrating the Facadeprinter at live public performances.

Click to watch the videos below:


[via Facadeprinter]
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