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‘Subtitle Glasses’ Adds Captions For Movies

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For those with hearing disabilities, or need subtitles, Sony Entertainment has created glasses that help its users view subtitles on any digitally-projected film.

The ‘Entertainment Access Glasses’ contains tiny projectors that can create captions just in front of your eyes.

The data (for the captions) are transmitted from a digital cinema server to the glasses (through a radio frequency), so that captions are in sync with the movie they are watching.

Users can adjust the size, color, position and language of the subtitles on the glasses with the attached remote—making it customizable to fit the viewer’s eye conditions.

The glasses would also be able to support 3D, and is compatible with digital cinema servers of Sony’s and of other manufacturers—such as Doremi Labs and Dolby Laboratories.

Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses also includes an audio function for those with both hearing difficulties and visual impairments.

In the future, those who need subtitles or captions would no longer need to look to the bottom of screens.


[via Sony]
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