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Photographer Identifies The Original Locations Of Vinyl Album Covers In NYC

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Inspired by interesting events in the history of pop culture, and possibly borrowing from Sean Yeaton’s Google Streetview project—photographer Bob Egan tracks down locations, mainly in New York City (but also from other locations around the world), to visually recreate moments found on vinyl album covers.

In his series ‘PopSpots’, Egan uses Photoshop to blend in the album covers in the precise places where they were originally taken—after going through lots of research and investigation.

“Some of the places I tracked down myself for fun. Others are places I’ve read about and gone to take a look,” he wrote. “Manhattan is constantly being torn down and rebuilt anew, and I’m trying to find these places while they are still around.”

The series features well-known musicians, such as Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and Neil Young, and also some famous pop culture paintings and scenes.


[via PopSpots]
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