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Photographers Capture Multi-Exposure Shots Of Athletes In Action

At this year’s Olympics, Reuters was reported to be using robots to shoot photos.

And armed with Canon’s new DX camera that’s able to take 14 pictures a second, the robots are able to capture multiple-exposure shots of what the athletes actually do.

“We are essentially able to put cameras and photographers where they’ve never been before, capturing images in ways they’ve never been captured,” Fabrizio Bensch, developer of the camera system, told Wired. “For example, I’ve installed a robotic camera unit on a truss, 30 meters high—in a position where no photographer has been in a previous Olympics.”

Some photographers opted a different approach, as a challenge to the robots, and manually-stitched together their multiple photographs using Photoshop and other photo-editing softwares.

Check out the series of athletes in action by Reuters and Associated Press photographers below:

[via Reuters, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times and Scharfgeschossen]
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