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How Batman Will Beat The Avengers

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Moviephone and illustrator Dennis Culver, who previously brought us ‘The Nickvengers’, is back—and this time, he has hilariously imagined how Batman will beat The Avengers.

From Canadian flag paint bombs to and proclaiming he is atheist—here’s how Batman will defeat each Avenger, one on one.

Batman could beat Captain America by hitting him with a paint bomb that would color his suit like a Canadian Flag.

Thor comes flying in and Batman says, “who are you?”
Thor says, “I am the God of thunder, THOR!!!”
Batman says, ” I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in Gods…”
Thor disappears in a puff of smoke.

Batman sends in models with bottles of Jack Daniels. Iron Man out.


I have three words for this: BAT HULK-REPELLENT.

Batman can use a smoke bomb to distract her, and then give her a good Guy Gardner-style sucker punch to seal the deal.

Modify the batsignal to a giant target. When the hawk can’t resist taking a shot, have a satellite rigged to trace the trajectory of anything passing through and shoot a tranquilizer arrow at hypersonic back.

After his amazing display of cunning, Nick Fury agrees to help Batman permanently crossover from DC and lead the Avengers.

[via Dennis Culver]
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