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Artist Creates Dress Using 555 Blue IKEA Shopping Bags

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Berlin-based artist Ida-Marie Corell has made a voluminous gown using 555 blue IKEA shopping bags.

Her dress fills up an entire room and pays tribute and commentary to the ubiquitous plastic bag.

According to Ecouterre, her dress illustrates our “ambivalent relationship with the common carryall”, the plastic bag represents global society.

“The identity of plastic if multi-faceted,” Corell told Ecouterre. “It’s viewed as a simple piece of trash, an ecological hazard, a symbol of consumerism, and a history-defining invention.”


Which do you like better: this IKEA shopping bag dress, or a gummy bear dress?

Corell will be wearing her blue dress as an installation for the Swiss exhibition Oh, Plastiksack! at Gewerbemuseum till 7 October 2012.

[via Ecouterre]
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