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A Campaign To ‘Save The Hipsters’ In Russia

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To ‘save the hipsters’ in Russia from ‘Chavs’ or street thugs, city blog ‘It’s My City’ developed an outdoor campaign to raise awareness of street violence occurring at public spaces in Ekaterinburg.

According to the video, hipsters were the dominant subculture in Russia and were the driving force of the economy.

However, Chavs threatened the hipsters way of life by engaging them in fights and stealing from them.

To ‘save the hipsters’, It’s My City took to the streets and placed banners over media spaces where the Russian army was rehearsing for the annual Victory Day Parade.

The banners received tons of media attention and the campaign successfully pushed city officials to increase safety on the streets—reducing the percentage of fights by 75%.

This campaign also managed to change hipsters’ opinions on the Russian Army.

Click to watch the video below:


[via It’s My City]
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