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Meet The Newest Member Of ‘Angry Birds’

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Things are about to get cuter in Rovio’s latest edition of ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ called ‘Back to School’—as they are set to enlist a new member into the 'Angry Birds' army.

In a video released by Rovio, they introduce us to ‘Pink Bird’—a doe-eyed fowl with soft pink feathers, long lashes and armed with a deceitful looking bubble blower.

Unlike her ‘angrier’ counterparts—she looks cute and pretty much harmless—until she discovers the evil plot of the green pigs and uses her ‘bubble blowing’ abilities on them.

Rovio has not released any details on her abilities, and we aren’t sure if her bubble blowing powers will be featured in the latest installment of 'Angry Birds Seasons'—but we are definitely excited for Rovio’s update!

Are you ready to ‘go back to school’ with this innocent looking, pink-feathered fowl?

Click to watch the video below:


[via Rovio’s YouTube Page]
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