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Modern Lava Lamp ‘Regenerates’ Itself Over Time

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London-based designer Merve Kahraman has created a ‘regenerative’ wax lamp that is able to recreate itself over time—like a modern lava lamp.

Called the ‘Revitalizer’, heat from a high voltage bulb melts the wax lampshade into a cup, which is located below the bulb.

As it melts, the lampshade creates various shapes and gives out different light intensity—creating an ambiance that is constantly evolving and engaging.

Once all the wax has been melted, heat resistance in the core of the lamp helps the melted wax to create a new mould inside the cup.

After the wax cools, owners can take out the ‘new lampshade’ and replace it on the top part of the lamp.

According to Kahraman, the design of the Revitalizer represents ‘poetic transformation through metamorphosis’, with the wax symbolizing the cycle of death and rebirth of the object.

Click to watch the video below:


[via Merve Kahraman]
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