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A ‘Paper Plate’ Recipe Book You Can Serve Food On

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Italian product designers Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini have created a recipe book with ‘paper plate’ pages that you can serve food on.

Called ‘Lunchbook’, it was designed for the Expo Milano 2015—a world exposition dedicated to food and sustainability.

The book contains recipes from around the world and also allowed visitors to use its pages as plates to taste food, while walking around the expo.

When a page gets dirty, users could remove it and use the following page of the book.

According to the designers, the pages have been coated with a waterproof film and are 100% recyclable and compostable.


With this creative book, users will save on disposable plates, reduce their carbon footprint and learn new recipes from around the world.

[via Lunchbook]
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