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3D-Printed Meat: The Food Of The Future?

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3D-printing has been used to create an array of different products—from toys to sculptures and even burritos—so why not create some good old fashion steak for the grill?

Mashable reports that a Missouri-based startup company, called Modern Meadow, has plans to create 3D-printed meat to satisfy human’s insatiable appetite for animal protein—sans the ‘environmental toll’ on the planet.

By using the same technology to create medical-grade tissues in labs, the company hopes to combine regenerative medicine with 3D-printing as a solution to the global shortage of food.


According to Modern Meadow, the printing of meat is still in its early stages, and the company's short-term goal is to produce a small sample of edible printed meat to show its feasibility.

If successful, they aim to produce it for the masses, including those with ‘religious restrictions on meat consumption’ (such as Hindu, Kosher and Halal diets) and areas with limited access to safe meat production.

Is 3D-printed meat the food of the future? Or should we opt for burgers made of human feces when the world runs out of meat?

[via Mashable and United States Department of Agriculture]
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