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A Vending Machine That Barks Orders At People, Gives Out Free Coffee

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It seems humans will do just about anything to get free stuff from vending machines.

Previously, there was the 'Delite-o-matic' vending machine, which gave away free snacks if people bowed down to it.

In similar fashion, UK coffee company Kenco Millicano has set up a talking vending machine that barks orders at people to perform various embarrassing acts—all for a free cup of coffee.

Called ‘Kenneth’, it eggs people to give it a hug, shout loudly in public, lift their feet off the ground and ‘grind’ with it.

If the person plays along, he or she is rewarded with a freshly brewed cup of Kenco coffee—courtesy of Kenneth.

How far would you go to get a free cup of coffee?

Click to watch the video below:


[via Kenco Millicano’s YouTube page]
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