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Infographic: How The Internet Has Changed Over The Past Decade

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Best Education Sites has compiled an infographic that highlights the changes of the internet over the past decade.

According to the infographic, the number of internet users has shot up from 569 million to 2.27 billion people—that’s 33% of the world’s population.

It was discovered that the total number of websites has also increased by 185 times—from 3 million in 2002, to 555 million in 2012.

It was also revealed that our online habits have changed as well—in 2002, we would spend an average of 46 minutes a day on the internet—however, we currently spend at least 4 hours a day online.

This could be attributed to the rise in smartphones and tablet PCs—devices that ensure we remain connected to the internet even on the go.


The internet has changed quickly over a short period and no one knows what the future of the internet will hold.

But one thing is certain—the internet is definitely here to stay.

Check out the infographic below to find about more information on the internet and the changes over the past decade:

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via Best Education Sites]
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