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‘Star Wars’ Hovering Speeder Bikes Soon To Be A Reality

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Speeder bikes in the sci-fi movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will no longer be a dream in a galaxy far, far away.

After years of testing and improvements, California-based research group Aerofex has created a hovering bike that can go up to 30mph (48 kmh) and as high as 15 feet (4.5 meters).

The bike’s technology uses powerful fans and a special control system—in the company’s words, it utilizes “ejector dynamics to augment the thrust and control of ducted-fan aircraft”.

The vehicle can be driven as intuitively as a motorbike or bicycle, and needs no roads to travel on.

It is stable and is able to execute sharp turns and hover in place.

Unfortunately, the bike will not be available to public anytime soon.


The company aims to sell the technology to the military first—where it can be used in rough terrains.

Does this mean hover boards will soon be available too?

Check the soon-to-be 'speeder-bike' in the videos below:

[via Aerofec]
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