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China Builds An Army Of Robot Chefs To Replace Humans

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First, there was a robot-themed restaurant where robots served the customers.

Chinese restaurateur Cui Runguan has taken it a step further by building an army of robots to replace human chefs in the kitchen.

According to the Eater, the robots are called ‘Chef Cui’ and they are replacing humans in the face of rising labor costs in China.

Each robot costs USD$2,000 as compared to a human chef, who would have to be paid at least $4,700 a year to carry out the similar task of slicing noodles.

The robots slice noodles by replicating the movements of a windscreen wiper—shaving lumps of dough in an up and down motion.

A chef in the video describes the robot as more efficient than a normal chef and it could slice noodles more consistently.

Runguan’s robot chef first hit the internet in 2011, but they have since gone into production with 3,000 units already sold.


With the rise in labor costs, will we be replaced by robots in the future?

Click to watch the video below:

[via Eater]
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